This is The Raspberry Pi Smartwatch Using Windows 98

A user has created a Smartwatch with Windows 98 as an operating system, and has explained in his blog the steps he has taken so that anyone can do it. Raspberry Pi Smartwatch size and design make it not a device that you are going to take to the street, but it seems a project appropriate for these times of technological nostalgia.

This curious smartwatch has been created by the user of Reddit: LordofBone, who has shared in this community a blog post explaining what the process has been. The fundamental hardware to get it has been a Raspberry Pi, since after installing Windows 98 on it decided to go further and create a wrist wearable with it.

“I’ve always had a weakness with Windows 98, even though it brings me back to the madness of days with my old Pentium II system with 64 MB of RAM and using some awful graphics,” says the author. “But on top of that I love wearables and nowadays I have the ability to do things like this. So I thought, would not it be ridiculous and awesome to have Windows 98 on my wrist?”

Raspberry Pi Smartwatch: A project for everyone

Raspberry Pi Smartwatch Windows 98 OS

On its website, LordofBone also explains in detail what are all the materials needed to create this wearable, and gives links to be able to buy each of them, from the housing to the touch screen of 2.4 inches, passing through a battery of 1000 MAh, a circuit to charge it or physical buttons to perform different actions.

To put Windows 98 in the Raspberry Pi only had to follow a guide published two years ago in official forums, and then go slowly joining all the pieces to compose his wristband and configuring the operating system to make use of them. If you are a creator and want to replicate the experiment, your blog explains all the steps and commands to perform and enter to get to this point.

The end result is significantly more robust than the time a user put Windows 95 in an Apple Watch, but it is another proof of the infinite possibilities offered by a Raspberry Pi. LordofBone has said in Reddit that for the moment he has only run a screensaver and the minesweeper, but has ensured that his next project is to install Doom and be able to throw a few games in his nostalgic wearable over the next few days.

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